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The only market for international co-productions in the U.

S., No Borders gathers producers, filmmakers, distributors, broadcasters, agents and investors from the US industry ( Amazon, HBO, CAA, A24, Film Nation, etc…) as well as international producers and filmmakers, in order to establish production and funding partnerships, or to find distribution outlets.

In a world that exists of job titles that our grandparents or even our parents would not understand - think of Beverage Dissemination Officer (bar tender) or Chief Chatter (Call Centre Manager) - what we actually do is not always obvious from the job title.

Therefore make these abstract job titles more concrete by using metaphors (a figure of speech) e.g.

I had only ever seen it on some American TV shows, and not really thought much about it.

I wasn't interested in actually finding a date though.

(Accreditation for the festival, market and parties is included; the teams are responsible for their own flights and lodgings).I just wanted to get some Dutch practice because they had been notoriously hard to hang out with as friends!You generally don't meet someone up for coffee or lunch; you have to propose a time long in advance and understand the Dutch need to be organised; something which contrasts with my preference for spontaneity.she is the spider in a web in her department, or a simile (saying something is like something else) e.g.“she communicates like a bulldozer” to explain what you do and how you work.

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