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That’s good for the budget…but not so great for Netflix and chill!Millennial Miss blogger— who is now 26 and has her own place in Santa Monica— was returning to her folks’ home one morning, hungover, after a hookup the night before." data-reactid="20"Chelsea Briche had never been more mortified.So offer to split the check when you go out, and suggest cheap dates like hikes, dinner at your place, etc.If he's unemployed, his job search is probably one of the biggest things in his life right now.Offer to help with tweaking his resume, attending network events, and putting out feelers, but don't push if he'd rather do it on his own.

A friend of mine wants to move abroad, but she is afraid of leaving her mother alone. Because she has a full-time job and a dance-teaching gig on the side, she barely sees her mother.“It’s better to come home looking like you hit the gym early than in your little black dress and stilettos.”U. Census data analyzed by the Pew Research Center, 36.4 percent of women between 18 and 34 were living with parents or relatives in 2014— topping a record high of 36.2 percent in 1940!aced with rising rents, school loans to pay off, high unemployment rates and a tight job market, more and more adults are moving back home with their parents—about 18 million between the ages of 18 and 34, according to the U. Cuddling on the couch with a new girlfriend or boyfriend? And is sex even a possibility with the ’rents around?I live with my parents in Istanbul, where dating becomes a bit restricted after college. I have a very valid reason for not inviting my date up. ” That works wonders if I don’t want things going too fast with someone new, or if I just prefer staying at his place.Single women encounter guys who want one-night stands or men who have baby fever and want to get serious immediately; and then there are those who prefer dating friends or their friends’ friends. It’s a three-bedroom, three-balcony place that I wouldn’t be able to afford with roommates other than my parents. But since my dream cities are abroad — San Diego or Vancouver (which will be my No. I can be as picky as I want because I don’t feel lonely.

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