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“When I hear the word I think of the hippie-ish generation where they’re all ‘girl-power,’ ” she says.

By the time cops showed up, Migos & Sean fled the scene, but a short time later Sean was pulled over for a traffic violation and was "semi-co-operative," refusing to say names in the fight however. A jury in Bridgeport, Connecticut took just 25 minutes to dismiss Connell's case on Tuesday, which led to the human resource manager receiving considerable abuse on social media after being branded the auntie from hell.Much of the public criticism of the case came from Connell's testimony.Instagram/Kevin Wong" data-fullsize=" reports that Migos & Kingston got into it over an argument involving Soulja Boy, and the ATL trio ended up beating up Sean badly, allegedly stomping on his head & kicking him.Police say someone from Sean's crew pulled out a gun and fired a shot, but luckily no one was hit.

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