The inscriptions stones in the Agastyeshwara temple in 'Naga Lipi' (an ancient script) dates back to about 1100 CE.It is considered one of the most famous temples in the city.Registration is absolutely free and we keep all registrations are anonymous.Andhra Pradesh Red Light District Phirangipuram Brothels | Mangalagiri Brothels | Ponnur Brothels | Yanamalakuduru Brothels | Vijayawada Brothels | Sattenapalle Brothels | Kondapalle Brothels | Chilakalurupet Brothels | Narasaraopet Brothels | Bhattiprolu Brothels | Vuyyuru Brothels | Gannavaram Brothels | Bapatla Brothels | Repalle Brothels | Nandigama Brothels | Chirala Brothels | Challapalle Brothels | Vetapalem Brothels | Avanigadda Brothels | Gudivada Brothels | Nuzvid Brothels | Addanki Brothels | Jaggayyapeta Brothels | Machilipatnam Brothels | Pedana Brothels | Vinukonda Brothels | Eluru Brothels | Kaikalur Brothels | Kanuru Brothels There are approximately 1,038 registered profiles from Guntur.The settlement might have been near a pond (gunta in telugu) and hence, gunta uru refers to pond village.Another one refers to kunta (land measuring unit) which transformed to kunta uru and later to Guntur.

The district is a major center for learning, it has one of the largest universities of India, Acharya Nagarjuna University.

Find a brothel from Andhra Pradesh Red Light District including Guntur and nearby cities, Phirangipuram (18 km), Mangalagiri (20 km), Kolanukonda (24 km), Ponnur (29 km), Yanamalakuduru (31 km), Vijayawada (31 km), Sattenapalle (32 km), Kondapalle (36 km), Chilakalurupet (37 km), Kankipadu (40 km), Narasaraopet (42 km), Bhattiprolu (43 km), Vuyyuru (43 km), Gannavaram (46 km), Bapatla (46 km), Repalle (52 km), Nandigama (54 km), Chirala (54 km), Challapalle (56 km), pedda nakkalapalem (57 km), Pavuluru (58 km), Vetapalem (59 km), Avanigadda (60 km), Gudivada (60 km), Gudlavalleru (65 km), Nuzvid (68 km), Addanki (74 km), Jaggayyapeta (74 km), Machilipatnam (75 km), Pedana (75 km), Vinukonda (78 km), Eluru (83 km), Kaikalur (87 km), Kanuru (87 km).

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The city is the third most populous settlement in the state with a population of 743,654 as per 2011 census of India The earliest reference to the present name of the city can be dated back to the period of Ammaraja–I (922-929 CE), the Vengi Eastern Chalukyan King.

It also has its appearance in another two inscriptions dated 1147 AD and 1158 AD.

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