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Buyers sometimes send their payments in cash though the mail and sellers shipped items any way they felt like it.Sometimes packages had a bunch of postage stamps on them and tracking wasn't used at all.I always have people saying they didnt get something and my tracking number isnt good.Most of the time they get it later with nothing EVER on the tracking for it at all.Configuring it will be very similar to the process you went through when setting up your ODBC profile. Your data source temporarily prevents updates It is possible that there are problems with your store or database.Check the following to make sure that your store or database isn't preventing updates If you are confident that the problem with your store or database does not exist or if you have resolved any problems then you can attempt to update the information on the printed orders back to your store or database (see below for more details). Order manually marked as printed By default, does not update shipment information for orders manually marked as printed (orders not printed using Batch).It is important to pay attention to a seller's handling time.To achieve Top Rated Seller status, sellers must ship items in one business day.

Here the details for how to track your e Bay purchases from the time of the purchase up through delivery.e Bay makes it easy to find tracking information. Follow these seven steps on the regular e Bay site: Handling time is the number of days it takes for the seller to put the item into transit, in most cases, ship with USPS.How do others handle this, when this happens to you?Buyer can claim for " not received ", even thou each time it happened buyers never contacted me or filed claims so I assume 99% it gets delivered. I have lost many cases simple due to the USPS not scanning it in as "accepted".In fact, unless I'm mistaken (and I've seen this issue hashed over ad nauseum in the e Bay forums) USPS policy is now that you are not entitled to an acceptance scan unless you buy your postage at the PO counter.You will probably get one anyway, but it's not guaranteed. I'm not as up on how Amazon A-Z works as I am on Pay Pal Seller Protection because I sell a lot more on e Bay, but is an acceptance scan an important part of the dispute process?

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