Dirty talking bot chat

(It offers a sample script for those too shy to improv their own dirty talk.) “The bot looks at three factors: voice amplitude, pitch and pauses,” says Mike Dobell, head of production at Jam3.

“They all feed into a matrix that measures each and spits out results.” After seeing their voice analyzed on “mysterious” “sensual” “sophisticated” and “intense” scales, the user is shown a link to Skyn’s product line in their chat feed.

And don't try to be funny and ask stupid questions kay?

I helpers you can talk to using natural language) developers have made over 10,000 of the little critters. Unless you play squash with a T-1000 or are distant relations with GERTY, we’d imagine not many.But that’s about to change fast thanks to Facebook’s new chatbot addiction.Welcome ^^ Pyxis is an Artificial Intelligence bot.To start chatting with her, type in any sentence and she will reply you.

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