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"I think that it’s important that we maintain our friendship and I love that we were able to end things cordially," the blonde beauty tells Us.

"We went through something very unique and I think that we’ll have a friendship for the rest of our lives.""I didn’t see that," Bischoff tells Us of the pics.

According to some source, the couple seemed cozy and affectionate over the weekend and tried to hook up at Drake's star-studded Memorial Day party.

19 years old model Hailey Baldwin was spotted waiting for Drake in Hollywood hotspot "The Nice Guy" for dinner, the following night.

I realized that the problem of years past when either I or any of my friends were in this predicament, we thought we had to play it cool and let the person we were dating initiate the New Year’s Eve conversation.

The couple was totally engaged in their conversation enjoying each other's company and they seemed to have a good chemistry.

They didn't care a lot about the public and looked very happy.

The claims come weeks after the Dear Darlin' hit-maker and his girlfriend-of-three-years Francesca called time on their relationship as he struggled to make time for her due to his packed-out work schedule.

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