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Ugly Betty is an American comedy-drama television series developed by Silvio Horta, which was originally broadcast on ABC between 20.

It revolves around the character Betty Suarez who, despite her lack of style, lands a job at a prestigious fashion magazine.

drops in town for a job interview and makes it a point to stop by and see him…full well knowing that he’s married and vulnerable.

In October 2009, the series was moved to Fridays, where it had trouble finding an audience.The series is based on Fernando Gaitán's Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea, which has had many other international adaptations.It was produced by Silent H, Ventanarosa, and Reveille Productions partnered with ABC Studios and executive produced by Salma Hayek, Silvio Horta, Ben Silverman, Jose Tamez, and Joel Fields.Kendra Lust goes on an online shopping spree unaware that her debts have become out of control.After attempting to purchase, her card declines and she receives a call from debt collectors demanding repayment. Kate Linn had just moved into a new house with her neglectful husband.

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